Inclusive Togetherness

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sottotitolo A Comparative Ethnography of Cultural Associations Making Milan Sociable
autore Citroni Sebastiano
pagine 544
data pubblicazione 27/04/2015
EAN 9788835040286


Winner of the Osservando il Volontariato award, this work addresses the practices and outcomes of ten non-profit associations who aim to produce inclusive forms of social relationships, improve public spaces and augment urban sociability in Milan. Although different in many respects, these associations share the same controversial urban project, using events as their main repertoire of action in order to affect the local public sphere and regenerate the neighbourhoods shrinking social fabric. Through a comparative ethnographic approach, the reader is immersed in the everyday practices of the various groups, from official meetings to backstage action, gaining an insight into different forms of inclusive togetherness, each of which with its own exclusionary implications. The research found that a limited number of group styles . recurrent patterns of interaction in everyday group life . account for the outcomes produced by the urban project under investigation. By emphasising the simultaneously situated and institutional nature of the studied group styles, this research intersects with and updates a sociological tradition of study that, by addressing micro-level interactions, provides key insights into significant macro-processes, such as the socially inclusive/exclusive outcomes of these types of urban projects.
Acknowledgements Introduction Part 1. Space Associations will save the city? Theoretical dimensions and analytical tools of studying inclusiveness in the public space - Milan Zone 4 as territory, context and locale of the observed efforts of making Milan sociable - A new sociality in an ancient space. Introduction to the researchs case studies Part 2. Time Group bonds and the intentional creation of social relationships. Beyond the bridging/bonding distinction - It is not for everybody even if its for freeé. Events as articulation of the public sphere - Tradeoff in events - The architecture of group styles of a composite association - Group styles enabling and constraining the management of economic aspects Part 3. Conclusion Conclusions. From associations to events through group styles and the other way around - Methodological appendix References Index of Main Authors

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