Scribal Activity and Textual Plurality

HENOCH 2/2020 (vol. 42)

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curatore Jean-Sébastien Rey - Patrick Pouchelle (eds.)
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Enoch Seminar Life Achievement Award to Paolo Sacchi


  • Jean-Sébastien Rey - Patrick Pouchelle, A Short Introduction
  • Martin Worthington, Orthographic Abbreviation in Babylonian and Assyrian of the Second and First Millennia BC
  • Graeme D. Bird, Transmission of the Homeric Text. Singers, Rhapsodes, Transcribers, Scribes and Editors
  • Corrado Martone, Scribal Activity during the Second Temple Period
  • Andrés Piquer Otero - Pablo Torijano Morales, The Redaction and Transmission of 2 Kgs 23:4-6. Questions of Textual Model and Challenges for Editors
  • Matthieu Richelle, Towards a Variegated Approach to Textual Fluidity. Limited Variations, Deliberate Duplication and Creative Scribal Mistake in 2 Kings 10:15-31
  • Frank Ueberschaer, Let Me Praise! – Let Us Praise! – Who Will Praise the Ancestors? In Search of Scribal Activity and Influences in the Opening Section of the Praise of the Ancestors
  • Jean-Sébastien Rey - J.L. Andruska, Synonymous Variations in the Hebrew Texts of Ben Sira
  • John Screnock, The Septuagint, Scribalism, and Command-Execution Pairing
  • Jean-Marie Auwers, La réécriture de Tobie vieux latin dans la Première Bible d’Alcalá (VL 109)
  • Patrick Pouchelle, Les scribes à l’oeuvre dans les Psaumes de Salomon
  • Peter Malik, The More the Merrier? Scribal Activity and Textual Plurality in the New Testament Tradition
  • Claire Clivaz, Looking at Scribal Practices in the Endings of Mark 16


  • Corrado Martone, Separative and Conjunctive Errors. A Note on a New Reading of 4Q99 23)
  • Luciano Bossina, Once again on אפריון < φορεῖον (Cant. 3, 9). Some Historical Remarks
  • Giulio Mariotti, «Tὸ μυστήριον τοῦτο μέγα ἐστίν» (Ef 5:32) alla luce dei testi del Mar Morto

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